Saturday, December 20, 2008

Everest Burger in Altadena

Everest Burger
2314 Lake Ave
Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 797-820

My husband brought home Everest burgers today with some fries and fried zucchini. He got the pastrami burger and I got the cheeseburger. I was really in the mood for one and I hardly ever eat them anymore, which might be why I have such high expectations.
The cheeseburger looked pretty good, except for the patty which was sadly anorexic. I liked the thousand island dressing on it. That makes it taste like a real old-fashioned burger. The bun didn't taste fresh. The burger was O.K. but not the grand feast of juicy charbroiledness I was anticipating.
The biggest disappointment was the fries. They're really thin-cut, which wouldn't be a bad thing except I couldn't taste anything but oil. They were bubbly, too. Maybe they were left overs and they refried them? Not good. Actually pretty bad.
My husband always gets their fried zucchini and thinks it is delicious. I disagree. Thank goodness it comes with ranch dressing. The batter is crunchy, which is good, but haven't they ever heard of spices? It has no flavor at all.
I didn't get to taste the pastrami burger but it looked good. It had the same thin patty as the cheeseburger and a nice healthy pile of pastrami. Hubby said, "Mmm" at least twice whilst munching his lunch.
I'm new to this area and would be very grateful if someone could point me in the direction of a better burger than Everest.

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Iris said...

We have one near our house. They aren't half bad here. I guess it's the location? I love their delicious fries. The best thing I've had at their place is the avocado sandwich. But I could only eat half of it because it was so full of avocado. The bread was toasty, the vegetables were fresh. It filled me up :)

Isn't there an In-N-Out nearby?

HektikLyfe said...

That's exactly what I was going to say. The Everest by our home in Montclair is GREAT and if I remember correctly the fries were thick, potato wedge like. Weird. I guess it is an independent franchise type establishment.

I love me some In-N-Out. I think I ate it 3 times last week (fat.)

Sarah Jane said...

Wow, 3 times. What a champ! Hahaha. Jose had it for dinner last night. They accidentally gave him 2 strawberry shakes instead of just one. He was so disappointed.

Sarah Jane said...

Oh and I don't know where the IN n Out is around here. I wasn't with Jose when he ate dinner.

Vivienne said...

oh wow, just came across your blog through the "now video" and am hungry. that burger portion looks HUGE...not quite sure how you'd get the first bite in! :)

Anonymous said...

Try the charbroiled bacon avocado burger from Topp's in Pasadena. We always go to the one in East Pasadena. The fries and onion rings are delicious too and a "small" is a huge pile, enough for 2 people, maybe 3.

Anonymous said...

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